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Wagyu Breeding

StockCo has acquired some of Australia’s best high growth rate purebred Red Wagyu cattle and Semen.  Inseminate your herd with Red Wagyu and have a guaranteed buyer for your calves, either at 4 days old or reared.

StockCo’s Wagyu Breeding solution

Inseminate your livestock with Red Wagyu semen and be part of a quality beef programme.

The only cost to you is the semen, Al technician of your choice and NAIT tags.

Cost: $15/straw delivered to your selected AB company.

Purchase price:  4+ day old calf $200 or 90+Kg reared calf, $550.

Preferred herds: Friesian or Kiwi X cows.


1. Go to apply now and fill out the Wagyu Breeding application form

2. One of our livestock finance agents will contact you to discuss your livestock breeding requirements.