Fast facts

StockCo has provided innovative livestock financing solutions
in New Zealand since 1995.

We understand the complexities and challenges of operating an agribusiness enterprise and have developed a range of
specialised livestock finance solutions. Using StockCo’s facilities, farmers are able to maximise returns
from existing operations and embrace new business possibilities.

We aim to help the livestock community make more money and
maximise the return on their assets by providing them with the
capital required to operate their business at 100%.

Using StockCo’s facilities, farmers across New Zealand have been able to
maximise their profits from existing operations and embrace new business possibilities.



margin for New Zealand customers*

serviced over


clients in all regions*

*as at May 2022

We’re proud to offer our customers three innovative products to suit their operation.

Any company is only as good as its staff, and StockCo has the right people
in the right job.

Leading diversity through 50% more female staff
than the industry average.