Ready to trade with StockCo

Once you apply for a StockCo finance facility, your application will progress
through two stages.


We will conduct an initial assessment of your financial position and your requirements.


To complete this stage, we require you to provide us with the following:

  • Completed application form/privacy declaration
  • Current Statement of Position
  • Completed Farm and Livestock Summary
  • Your ideal funding requirements/proposition
  • Photo ID of the applicants and guarantors (if applicable)
  • Certified trust or partnership deeds (if applicable)
  • Copy of a rates notice for your farming properties to validate property details


We will look to understand more about your business and your farming background.


Stage two involves a farm visit to assess your operation first-hand, and gives us the chance to explain our solutions to you in further detail and answer any questions you might have. We may also request additional information at this point, such as financial accounts, historical kill results or cash flow forecasts. At the end of this process, a credit assessment will be provided to our internal credit team, who will typically turn the credit decision around within 24 hours.


You will be informed of the credit assessment outcome. If the facility is approved, documentation will be prepared by StockCo and sent to you. Documentation will include a Master Livestock Agreement and other security agreements (if required by StockCo after reviewing your application). Also included will be: 

  • 3rd party access form for NAIT, enabling StockCo to confirm that the RFID numbers of any cattle financed are on the approved property/ies.
  • Landlord or agistment acknowledgement (may be applicable if livestock is on leased land or agistment)

Once documents are returned, StockCo will finalise your facility and send you a welcome email titled “Ready to Trade”. This email will:

  • Provide you with the direct contact details of the key StockCo team members who will assist you personally: your Livestock Manager, your Customer Service Team member who will take care of your day to day transactions associated with buying and selling, and your Agrifinance Manager who will assist you with your general business needs.
  • Provide some helpful information for accounting and GST treatment as it relates to the process of buying and selling livestock.
  • Invite you to join our customer portal and gain online access to your StockCo account.

Ready to trade