Social responsibility

At StockCo, we are committed to facilitating growth on every level, for the people who work with us, the farmers we partner with, and the livestock industry as a whole.

As an equal opportunity employer, StockCo is committed to treating its people with a high standard of care, fairness and respect.

StockCo gives the same commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of the livestock purchased via its financial facilities. Livestock welfare is of absolute importance to StockCo, and we only partner with customers who employ best farming practises and are committed to doing so in the future. When entering into a StockCo facility, customers agree to fulfil basic standards by maintaining and stocking their land appropriately and ensuring that livestock have access to sufficient feed and water at all times.

In the interest of upholding this agreement, StockCo or its partners may conduct regular on-farm inspections to check the condition of customers’ properties, the availability of feed and water, and livestock health. If StockCo becomes aware of any issues affecting livestock health or welfare, this will result in a review of the customer.