How does StockCo assist livestock producers to achieve better outcomes?

StockCo can assist producers emerging from a destocking event, for example, a drought and our facility helps them to return to generating profits really quickly after a favourable weather event. StockCo’s product can assist producers to really maximise the return on their assets and effectively, this provides them with further income or further revenue to help service their bank facilities or growth projects.

StockCo’s funding can help provide additional capital to our customers to help them grow their numbers which assists when acquiring new properties or on the back of a large development program where they’ve increased their carrying capacity.

Another good example of where StockCo’s facility can be really beneficial to our customers is where we have an existing customer who wants to defray an existing fixed cost, fixed operating costs, over a larger income stream or a larger revenue stream. And they can do this a number of ways, whether they go into a leasing agreement to lease further country or agisting further country.