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10 Dec

Lamb forecasts in sheep shape

The data prepared by the team at TEM points to confidence in the lamb market into 2022 and beyond. Where does StockCo see the opportunity? COO Tim Pryor says “It’s the one percenters that count. Our most successful clients who consistently deliver great trading margins are really focused on doing...

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17 Nov

The Sporting Chance initiative

StockCo’s Sporting Chance initiative will give GST registered sports clubs an opportunity to create an additional revenue stream.

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10 Nov

To feed or not to feed

That is the question - A look at gross margins on a lamb feedlot trade.

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06 Oct

Peaking Blinder

Cattle markets are having a blinder of a season. Can money be made buying young cattle at these levels?

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01 Sep

Lambs to the slaughter

What’s left for lamb and sheep slaughter volumes into spring and summer?

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02 Aug

Regional Round-Up

Welcome to this month’s regional round-up – a glimpse of what’s going on in the paddocks right across Australia.

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06 Jul

Regional Round-Up

Welcome to the regional round-up – all the latest livestock news from the paddocks, direct from our managers across Australia.

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