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New Starter Announcement: Elle Rands

StockCo would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest Customer Service Manager, Elle Rands. Elle brings a great deal of knowledge and Agribusiness experience into her new role and we are thrilled to have her join the team.

After studying a Bachelor of Agribusiness at the University of Queensland, including a semester abroad at Texas A&M University, Elle also undertook a Harvard Business School short course in Disruptive Strategy which launched her career in the Agribusiness industry.

At the beginning of her successful career, Elle worked on several stations throughout Australia as well as on cattle and horse ranches in the United States. In 2018, Elle moved to Toowoomba to work for a legal firm with her main responsibilities to increase their number of agricultural clients and adapt their offering to suit these clients.

She then moved on to work in sales and production for an Australian Organic Beef company and was responsible for the North and South American accounts, which involved travelling to these markets regularly and being associated with all aspects of the supply chain and processes.

Elle soon realised that she wanted to explore different aspects of Agribusiness and gain a better understanding of Agrifinance, which she knew would be possible in a position at StockCo.

“I am most excited about supporting customers to maximise their returns from existing operations and embrace new business possibilities.

I have always been interested in Agrifinance and this is my chance to explore opportunities within this sector of the industry.”

With her years of experience within the beef supply chain both in Australia and overseas, Elle is well-equipped to offer her clients a deep understanding and well-informed advice.

Her first-hand insights into the challenges farmers face every day ensure she considers each account personally and with a considered approach.

Overall, Elle has one holistic goal in mind when it comes to her clients: 

  • To build strong customer relationships and help her clients achieve their goals

In terms of current opportunities within the Australian market, Elle has this to say:

“Many regions throughout Australia are seeing an improvement in seasonal conditions and as a result, the restocker competition has returned to the sale yards and seen meat prices rise.

This is a great position for the agricultural industry to be in considering the current economic situation we see ourselves. 

At the end of the day, people of the world still need to eat, and Australian agriculture plays a key part in ensuring we meet the growing population demands and can offer products globally that are of high quality and safety standard.”

When Elle isn’t hard at work transforming the Agrifinance industry, you’ll find her spending time in the great outdoors, riding her horses and travelling.

StockCo couldn’t be more delighted to have Elle as part of the team. If you require a well-informed and passionate customer service manager on your side, get in touch with Elle today on 0487 011 094

New Starter Announcement: Charlotte Baker

Meet StockCo’s newest Agrifinance Manager, Charlotte Baker. Charlotte began her career studying Agribusiness and Animal Production Science at the University of Queensland (Gatton campus) where she gained a wealth of knowledge and insight into the Agricultural finance industry.

Not only does she possess a great deal of Agricultural knowledge, but she also brings with her an extensive background in the financial industry. She thoroughly enjoyed her most recent role as Assistant Manager in Business Banking at Westpac, however, found that the position at StockCo would satisfy both her financial passion as well as her agricultural wisdom.

From an early age, Charlotte spent most of her childhood living on a hobby farm in Brisbane’s northside and grew up working in various farmhand positions before she graduated university. She says it was her hands-on upbringing that sparked her love for animals, its people and the industry as a whole.

“It really is true. People from the bush are worlds away from people in the city, and those are the people I want to work with.”

Straight away, Charlotte knew she wanted to join the team at StockCo. She claims she knew straight away that the position of Agrifinance Manager aligned perfectly with her goal to help the Australian beef and sheep industries in the best way that she can.

“I am most excited about the chance to immerse myself in such an exciting industry and to meet new people from many different areas and backgrounds.”

From her time at UQ Gatton campus, Charlotte studied the science behind livestock like beef and sheep which ultimately provided her with a plethora of technical knowledge. In her new role, Charlotte plans to put this extensive knowledge into action.

“My main goal is to provide the most appropriate solution to my customer’s needs and to the best of my abilities.”

Based in Brisbane, Charlotte’s primary responsibility, as Agrifinance Manager, is to support her Queensland and Northern New South Wales customers, delivering strategic finance solutions to meet their needs.

Charlotte is optimistic about her future at StockCo and leaves this final piece of advice for her clients:

“If you’re one of the lucky ones to have received rain, take advantage of that extra carrying capacity, don’t let it go to waste!”

StockCo is proud to announce Charlotte Baker as our newest Agrifinance Manager based in Brisbane. If you’re looking to speak to an experienced Agrifinance Manager that understands your wants and needs, get in touch with Charlotte on 0431 834 482.

National Business Development Manager: Chris Howie

StockCo is thrilled to announce the appointment of Chris Howie as the new Business Development Manager. We sat down with Chris to discuss his experiences within the agricultural industry as well as what he is most looking forward to as he settles into his new role.

Chris has a wealth of experience when it comes to working within a livestock agency and management based on livestock trading opportunities. It’s no surprise Chris is extremely passionate about the agricultural industry after working within it for over 30 years.

“I am passionate about the industry because it is founded on tradition yet is continually changing. Being heavily involved in measurable outcomes whilst dealing with real people makes it a great place to be.”

Chris decided to become a part of the StockCo team because he found that many of the opportunities provided to customers were limited by access to finance and understanding. StockCo closes this gap by offering a service that allows customers to focus on livestock and achieving the best outcomes. 

Chris started out his career shearing sheep for six years, boning mutton for a short stint before moving onto working with Elders to eventually become the National Livestock Manager. It’s evident that Chris understands the industry from its grassroots and believes that his long-standing, hands-on experience will allow him to keep his advice to customers simple and relevant with measurable outcomes.

Chris is looking forward to being heavily involved in many aspects,

“I’m most excited about the business development aspect across the livestock agency, feedlot, processor and live export industries. I’m also excited to have the ability to identify opportunities in advance and bring some focus that allows those involved the time to absorb and act on them.”

We asked Chris to describe what he sees as the biggest opportunities for his clients right now, and this was his response:

“Breaking through the glass ceiling of what producers have always done – making their enterprise work for them, not them working for the enterprise.” 

With his appointment, Chris brings a vast network that spans across Australia where he can share his years of knowledge in cattle and sheep production as well as his technical understanding of wool and genetics.

At StockCo we are pleased to welcome Chris into his new role of National Business Development Manager. If you’re looking to maximise returns on existing operations or embrace new business opportunities, get in touch with Chris on 0408 842 331.

Regional Livestock Manager Announcement: Toby Hammond

StockCo is proud to announce the newest Regional Livestock Manager for New South Wales, Toby Hammond. We asked Toby to share some of his credentials, past experiences and ambitions he has for his new role at StockCo.

Toby has had a long-standing devotion to the Agricultural industry. 

“I have been brought up in Agriculture and enjoy the diverse nature of the industry. It’s always presenting fantastic opportunities and unique challenges that call for innovative ideas and constant change.”

Toby was confident in his pursuit of a career within the Agricultural industry. He studied his Bachelor’s degree of Agribusiness at Marcus Oldham College in Victoria and worked within the live export industry during his studies. 

Toby recognised the fantastic career opportunity offered by StockCo and knew his ambition, relationship-building skills and forward-thinking attitude would make him the perfect fit for the role of Regional Livestock Manager.

“I am excited to continue building relationships with farmers and other key customers. I enjoy meeting new people and appreciating how they run their operation. It’s exciting to see the really interesting and innovative ideas farmers employ to drive their business.”

Toby brings a sound understanding of livestock market operations to his new role and is eager to continue building and maintaining strong relationships with his clients. 

Toby’s has one main overarching goal for all of his new clients:

“To provide excellent customer service and assist with helping to grow their business and achieve their goals.”

Toby is optimistic about the current opportunities he sees for his clients right now. 

“With a break in the season and the shortage of livestock, I see the opportunity for customers to rebuild their herd and flock numbers with access to finance that provides simplicity. Whilst there is a focus on the start of the supply chain with farmers and agents. I also believe an opportunity exists in the middle of the supply chain with processors and feedlots using the StockCo facility to access livestock supply.”

When Toby isn’t spending time helping out at the family farm on Oberon, he is either catching up with friends or family or spending time with his partner Georgie.

We want to give Toby the warmest welcome into his new role of Regional Livestock Manager in Wagga Wagga. If you’re looking for support to maximise your livestock operation, get in touch with Toby on 0488 666 648.

New CEO Announcement: Doug Snell

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Doug Snell as CEO of our Australian Business. We sat down with Doug to discuss his journey into the Agricultural financing sector as well as gain a deeper insight into his plans for StockCo’s future.

Doug admits he has always had finance in his blood and been destined for the role of StockCo’s CEO. His mother was one of the first female stockbrokers in New Zealand, his father had roles in insurance and his brother is a Financial Markets specialist.

For just over 30 years, Doug himself has been heavily involved in the finance industry. Initially, Doug started out working in International Trade Finance and later ventured into Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate and Commodity Risk management within financial markets.

When Doug furthered his involvement in the Agricultural sector, he was motivated to gain a better understanding of how the banking sector could further assist their customers. Doug was then promoted to General Manager Agribusiness for Queensland and the Northern Territory, and Specialised Agribusiness Solutions Nationally for Commonwealth Bank of Australia. 

Eventually, Doug branched out and moved to the Bank of Queensland as General Manager Business and Agri Banking which sparked his involvement in opening the first Agribusiness division for the bank.

In his long-standing career, Doug says he has one stellar achievement in the corporate arena.

“The successful turnaround and growth of businesses I have managed. These businesses range from Financial Markets teams in Hong Kong and Singapore to the BOQ Business and Agri Banking teams. I was proud to be a part of a professional, yet fun team who understand the importance of culture, including customer-centricity, honesty, integrity and open communication.”

Doug’s constant motivation for success is ignited by the fulfilment he receives from being a part of his customer’s journey. His satisfaction stems solely from being able to help people and seeing people and businesses succeed.

Within his new role at StockCo, Doug says he is most passionate about offering a solution to farmers in Australia and New Zealand and he is most excited about the prospect that his team will have direct input into the financial success of their customers.

Doug has a positive outlook for StockCo’s future and speaks enthusiastically about the opportunities he sees on the horizon.

“It is really hard to predict what will happen in a COVID world, however, I am very confident that with the current and hopefully prevailing weather conditions agribusiness will be a shining light for Australia. The world still needs food, and when you’re providing high-quality product as we are, we should continue to see demand.” 

Doug is often hard at work paving the way for StockCo’s way forward, however, he also enjoys making time to unwind by going on trips with his wife and two kids and staying fit on his bike, in the surf and on the golf course.

We couldn’t be more pleased to have Doug on board as our new CEO and witness him contribute to the inevitable success of StockCo’s bright future. 

Regional Livestock Manager Announcement: Michael Phelan

StockCo is proud to announce our newest Regional Livestock Manager for Victoria-based in Horsham, Michael Phelan (Mick). To give our community and valued customers an insight into our newest StockCo member, we sat down with Mick to fill us in on his credentials, relevant experience and hobbies and interests. 

Mick Phelan comes from a strong financial background with a Commerce Degree from Deakin University in Geelong. He found his strengths in his analytical abilities and love for numbers which ultimately lead to his decision to major in Finance, Financial Planning and Commercial Law.

Mick also has a long-standing passion for agriculture, having spent 15 years building his career within the industry. 

“Working within the agricultural industry is a very genuine existence and rewarding way to live,” he says.

After working his way from farmhand to Area Sales Manager at Impact Fertilisers, Mick decided to transition into the role of Regional Livestock Manager at StockCo. This, he attributes to our history of growth combined with our great culture, young and professional team and minimal barriers to doing business.

“It is exciting to be part of a company where there are so many opportunities to grow in the next few years and I am sure the role will challenge me at the same time.”

Throughout his career, Mick has gained a wealth of experience in Sales and has a highly relevant skillset for his new role at StockCo.

Mick also has plenty of experience forming strong relationships based on integrity and transparency. 

As Mick enters into his new role, he has designated two main goals for his clients.

  1. To become a trusted part of my client’s business and for them to simply be able to rely on me to be able to facilitate their needs and get to job done so they can reach their goals sooner,
  2. To become part of his client’s business for an extended period and be part of their long-term strategy as opposed to just being a one-time proposition.

Evidently, Mick sees a bright future for his clients. 

“I think the opportunities vary across the area I will be looking after. Some regions in the north and east of the state are coming out of an extended dry period therefore the opportunity will be to get back to full capacity as soon as possible.” 

“However, other areas of VIC such as the south-west have had some very good seasons in recent years, therefore, I think the opportunity here lies in maximising outcomes whilst the going is good, whether that be utilising pastures whilst the feed is there or finishing stock on stubble post-harvest, which at this stage of the season, look like they are going to be quite heavy.”

Outside of work, Mick enjoys staying active. This includes getting involved in the Harrow-Balmoral Football Club, where he is an active member and proud club president.

Mick also likes to do his bit in hands-on farm work to keep his skills sharp.

We want to give Mick a warm welcome into his new role of Regional Livestock Manager in Horsham. If you’re looking for support to maximise your livestock operation, get in touch with Mick on 0499 913 399.

Meet Hannah Anderson

As the latest addition to the StockCo team, we would like to officially welcome Hannah Anderson into her new role as Business Development Manager based in Victoria!

Hannah grew up on a mixed sheep and cattle property at Tooborac, where she is now based. After graduating with a Bachelor of Business (Agriculture) Degree and Associate Degree of Farm Business Management from Marcus Oldham, Hannah held various roles throughout Victoria working for NAB Agribusiness.

Hannah has a strong passion for agriculture and in particular the livestock industry in southern Australia, which is what led her to StockCo in 2018. She also has much confidence for the future, believing that the ability of our local industry to adapt, innovate and form successful relationships will continue to support a strong and prosperous country with sustainable food security.

In a rapidly changing finance industry of ever-increasing compliance requirements & complexity, Hannah brings extensive knowledge and experience to the table, allowing us to streamline processes that enable growth and confidence from our customers.

Learn more about the StockCo team here. 

Meet Angus Creedon

Welcome to our newest team member Angus Creedon, Business Development Manager, based in Rockhampton, Central Qld. 

Angus is originally from Middlemount in Central Qld where his family has a Brahman stud and run a commercial cattle operation. After working on a local property for two years, Angus commenced a degree in vet science in Townsville but didn’t enjoy it, so he moved to Rockhampton and ran his own AI/Preg testing contracting business while also studying an Applied Science (Production Animal Science) degree externally through the University of Qld Gatton.

On completion of his degree, Angus joined Hewitt Cattle Australia at Emerald and then Moura in Central Qld.

Most recently Angus joined Elanco Animal Health as Territory Manager for Central & Western Qld, where he primarily dealt with rural merchandise stores and feedlots within a 400km radius of Rockhampton.

Angus’ hands on experience, combined with local area and market knowledge strengthens StockCo’s ability to deliver high quality, personalised service in Central Qld.

Learn more about the StockCo team here. 

Five Questions with Caitlin Pearlman

There’s no doubt that combining passion, hard work and hands on experience, whilst putting the customer first bodes well when establishing a career in Agrifinance. That’s exactly what Stockco’s Business Manager, Caitlin Pearlman has done and brings a wealth of experience from working in some of Australia’s largest banks and the Agribusiness Banking Sector for the last nine years. Focused on the future, Caitlin has been appointed to continue the growth of Stockco’s business in Australia by bringing technology and innovative processes to assist grazier and feedlot operations access Stockco’s fast and simple livestock finance products.

Your background has been in Agribusiness Banking, what has been some of your career highlights?

There’s been quite a few, but being involved in building an Agribusiness brand and team from the ground up at a regional Australian Bank that didn’t have a specialised, dedicated Agri banking sector. It proved that you don’t have to have all the latest bells and whistles to have satisfied clients. You just need to put the client at the centre of everything you do. Be available, capable and understand their business.

What prompted you to make the move from Agribusiness Banking to StockCo?

Having worked in the Agribusiness Banking sector since 2009 with both the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Bank of Queensland (with a two year stint in London in between to get the travel bug out of my system) I wanted a change from banking, but didn’t want to leave the agricultural aspect of my work behind. My family run a dry land grain and beef operation in North West NSW and it’s always had an influence on my life and the choices I make.

Having gained insight into StockCo’s business through their relationship with BOQ, I felt their values and business model were the perfect fit and I am very excited to become a part of the StockCo team. I’ve previously worked with StockCo’s CEO Richard Brimblecombe and COO Tim Pryor and knew I was joining an experienced team who have a huge amount of enthusiasm for StockCo.

What do you hope to achieve in your role as Business Manager for StockCo?

It’s a multifaceted role and I’m sure it will evolve as I settle into the position. I’m hoping to cast a fresh eye over current procedures and compliance practices to see if there’s anything that we can streamline or any valuable data we can extract. Development of an online portal StockCo’s customers can log onto is also high on my agenda. I’ll be working with Tim, Richard and our distribution partners to help take StockCo to a level where every grazier and feedlot operation in Australia associates the StockCo brand with a fast and simple livestock finance product. They will know we can work alongside their existing bank to free up working capital to help them to concentrate on building equity or perhaps expand, whatever their plans may be.

It’s an exciting time for Australia’s livestock industries, what do you see as the biggest opportunities and challenges?

The entrance of the next generation into the livestock industry is a complex challenge. With land ownership structures changing and corporations seeing value in agriculture the barriers to entry are high. Traditional banking finance is struggling to evolve with the more economical option to lease land instead of owning it. That’s where I see StockCo coming into play, helping the younger generation get a foot in the door with livestock finance.

In terms of opportunities, technology is the buzz word of the agricultural industry. The use of drones to measure pasture biomass, NLIS, real time tracking of weights, movements, grazing habits along with software packages that analyse this data alongside the business accounts. When used effectively they allow livestock producers to maximise their productivity and returns.

What advice would you have for a university graduate who is passionate about Australian Agriculture and is looking to establish a career in agribusiness?

If you’re already passionate, then half the work is done. Show people in the industry your passion. Start networking. Polish up your LinkedIn profile. Start connecting with people in the industry. Don’t know what area of agriculture you want to be in? Apply for a variety of graduate and entry positions. Don’t be fussy. Going through the application process is valuable experience. If you are offered a position you really don’t think is suitable, you can always say no. Banking graduate positions are a very good stepping stone as they not only expose you to a myriad of different agricultural industries (aquaculture, horticulture, cropping and livestock to name a few) but you also get exposure to the different areas within the Bank.

Can’t land that coveted graduate position? Get a year’s hands on experience on a property or look for seasonal positions within your Government’s Department of Agriculture. I had a job during the summer break collecting heliothis moth eggs in cotton crops, another summer I was working for an agronomist. Volunteer your time, do extra jobs on the side. You’ll stand out in the next round of interviews by showing your entrepreneurial side and that you’re willing to put in the extra effort to land the position.

Learn more about the StockCo team here. 

Five Questions with StockCo Australia’s COO Tim Pryor

With generational ties to the land and a degree in Animal science, Tim has lived and breathed agribusiness for all of his working life. Tim has been instrumental in establishing BOQ’s agribusiness team, with a focus on larger, higher quality transactions. In this role Tim has also been responsible for managing BOQ’s funding relationship with StockCo’s Australian business. Tim’s now been appointed as Stockco’s Chief Operating Officer, to continue the growth of Stockco’s business in Australia with specialist focus on enhancing specific distribution channels and targeting new business in the corporate sector.

Welcome to the team Tim!

  1. You’ve had a successful career in agribusiness, how did you get there and what have been some of the highlights?

My passion for rural Australia is a long-dated affair and thanks to my mother’s side of the family who owned sheep stations in far western Queensland. This passion lead me into a University degree at UQ Gatton studying Animal Science. When social and rugby commitments allowed it, my focus at Uni was the study of animal production systems, pastures and rangelands. During uni, I’d been working part time for a rural merchandiser in Toowoomba who was affiliated with Landmark. Unsure where I was headed after completing my degree they offered me a full-time gig, so I ran with it. It was here I first crossed paths with StockCo’s CEO Richard Brimblecombe who at the time was working for Landmark.

I moved across to work directly for Landmark and was lucky to experience some great opportunities travelling right across north and western QLD. I moved into the rural finance division at Landmark. I had found myself doing something I truly enjoyed and was very passionate about – banking farmers and graziers to achieve their financial, business and personal goals.

As the GFC unfolded, I followed Richard across to CBA and relocated to Roma. Banking has moved me around a lot, and given me the opportunity to meet some fantastic people and business operators. This would have to be a highlight for me. It was on one of these moves where I met my wife – better make that a highlight!

I think a large part of any success has been driven by the people I have been fortunate enough to work with. I’ve had great mentors, colleagues and friends that have supported me through what has been both challenging and rewarding times thus far!


  1. What role do you see StockCo playing in the agri-finance sector?

StockCo has one purpose – strategic finance solutions for sheep and cattle producers and therefore has a deep understanding of these sectors and their markets. It is with this understanding that StockCo operates in a different manner to traditional financiers or mainstream banks. StockCo becomes an enabler.

This positions StockCo well as the changing tide in capital markets develops. It is becoming more and more prevalent, documented and discussed that the agrifinance sector, and banking in general, is set for change. Ownership models, farming practices, seasonal challenges and technology are forcing people to think differently about how they finance their businesses.

Next generation farmers are proving to be highly productive and successful but often light on capital. StockCo can really assist in this market.

As an agribanker, I have witnessed first-hand instances where StockCo has enabled a grazier to expand their operations by buying the neighbouring property, directing all available capital to the acquisition and/or development, and then utilising StockCo to ramp up livestock numbers immediately to a capacity that creates profitability.

We are witnessing more instances of farmers and graziers choosing to lease instead of own land. A trading bank will then typically struggle to finance these operators working capital or trading accounts. StockCo is a perfect solution in these instances where the grazier is a proven operator.

In the corporate market, StockCo offers a unique off-balance-sheet source of capital that allows a business that is rationing internal sources of capital, to access the capital it needs to fund development or expansion programs on terms that match the business requirements.

  1. What prompted you to make the move from a senior role in one of Australia’s regional banks to StockCo?

This was both a very difficult, but very easy decision for me….. and I’ll try and explain that complete contradiction! BOQ was a fantastic place to work, with great people, and I had been pivotal in the creation of their Agribusiness division over the last 5 years. BOQ has a similar ethos to StockCo in that they are all about their customer. The customer is at the centre of everything you do. It was an exciting and rewarding place which made leaving difficult. However, it is through BOQ that I was introduced to StockCo as BOQ have a wholesale funding facility with StockCo. So I have a very deep insight into every aspect of StockCo and this made the decision easy.

The points I made earlier around StockCo’s sole purpose being cattle and sheep makes it a very niche and nimble operator. Whilst StockCo has robust systems, procedures and policies, it is a business that is not distracted by a myriad of complex business units, systems, products, compliance and regulation. It really is a very focused business. It truly aims at exceeding the expectations of their clients and I am continually surprised at the depth of knowledge and understanding StockCo has of the livestock industry and how this is then applied to assisting livestock producers.

As a throwaway comment, I am also excited about the data associated with the Australian Livestock market that StockCo is capturing as part of their standard operations. As this data pool continues to grow, it has the potential to help both StockCo and other industry bodies refine products and processes to benefit numerous industry participants.


  1. What do hope to achieve in your role as Chief Operating Officer for StockCo?

As COO, I have been tasked to assist the executive team, and in particular, Richard as Australian CEO, to keep growing the Australian business. I will be predominantly focused on enhancing a few specific distribution channels and targeting new business in the corporate sector. My role will also focus on assisting the executive team identify strategic opportunities, product enhancement, new productive development and contributing to the funding strategy and funder relationships.

StockCo is a dynamic business run by dynamic people. It will be all hands-on-deck and I am absolutely certain there will be no dull moments!

Personally, I’d like to be able to look back in 5 years’ time and know I’ve been a pivotal part in building a business that is the leader in its field of Livestock Finance across Australia and New Zealand.

  1. StockCo has a rather unique approach to distribution of its products and services. Tell us about StockCo’s approach and the rationale behind it.

StockCo definitely is unique in distribution, which is a large contributor to its success. We enjoy a very strong relationship with our key distribution partners Elders and Ruralco, who provide StockCo with access to some 800 locations right across regional Australia. Having worked both in banking and in rural agency, I can attest to the very entrenched relationship a grazier has with livestock agent. StockCo’s product sits very firmly in the toolkit of the livestock managers and agri-finance managers who work for Elders and Ruralco.

StockCo also enjoys formal distribution agreements with other key large successful private agencies and independent service providers, with an important provider being Sprout Ag.

These firms are preferred by StockCo as they share the ethos of the client being at the centre of everything we collectively do. By aligning ourselves with similar firms, we mutually benefit – their clients receive the market leading StockCo product and StockCo gains access to their network of clients. In leveraging these networks via these established distribution partners, StockCo can access a broad network of skilled and knowledgeable relationship managers on the ground whilst continuing to reinvest in our systems, products and infrastructure to maintain our position as market leader in our field. It would be impossible for StockCo to replicate or achieve such a reach without this alignment.

Learn more about the StockCo team here.